Vehicle Booking & Tracking Solution

We have a solution for Vehicle booking, Vehicle assignment, Tracking and billing. This solution is very useful of tour operators. Tour operators have large fleets which are typically used for the international clients & at times domestic clients; and this is with full utilization only during the tourist seasons of October to March. Our solution helps make efficient use of their vehicles through out the year where in tour operator can take our solution and use his vehicles as any other ride sharing car with full technology back up on booking, tracking, payment handling etc.

Toll Plaza Management Solution Design

We use a combination of technologies and techniques to design a Toll Management System that helps you centrally manage toll operations using a single integrated solution. The Vara Infrovate TMS provides the most reliable and consistent toll management software in the country today and is being used across highways in India. Our Toll Management solutions are a matured technology suite of products that provide an advanced & hassle-free experience to users; thus increasing efficiency in operations of Tolling Booths. It records data and produces reports on volumes, classification, speed and a number of parameters.

Tour Guide Solutions

Travelling for sightseeing? If you are a company who is into tourism sector and look to provide a solution on getting the right guide for your clients, then we have the solution for you. For those clients who want to tour on their own, and would perhaps be more interested in a pocket guide instead of human guide, we have the solution. Our Audio guide platform is one of the first in India to provide multilingual support with audio, video and AR capabilities.

Museum Visitor Experience Management

Our solution offering on building the musuem vistior experience managment solution has been adopted in multiple museums across India. The solution is wholistic approach on design thinking & user experience with use of technology components. As a package we offer this solution on the technology platform for archiving and digitization on documentation, documenting of relics, billing system, Audio guides with AR and VR experience. Our auido guide PinakinApp is one of the leading solutions in the market.

Second Campus

‘Second Campus’ complements the intensive capabilities of the corporate to attract creamy layer from the academia. The corporate approach to second tier in the academia is diffused, and hence, Aseuro Technologies brings all the second tier engineers of the academia across the country under one roof termed ‘Second Campus’. ‘Second Campus’ is a fine sieve, where Aseuro Technologies picks up the gems that are as good as the creamy layer but were missed out during the screening mechanism adopted by the corporate during the campus recruitment drives. This is intended to save huge executive time, travel time and recruitment costs for the corporate and yet be able to select the talents.

Finishing School

Finishing School is a career wind tunnel where the candidates are trained and tested before committing them to the hazards of flight in the corporate world. It provides expertise and support to our clients in equipping their technical pool with latest & relevant technology training as well as helps them employ people, productive from day one.Finishing School’s unique value proposition is in providing customized training programs for each Client Company, in step with their specific requirement and at the same time be the vehicle for career advancement of people seeking an opportunity in leading IT organizations.