testing team ramp up case study

Our client is a banking software company and was looking to establish a testing competency center. The product development was fast approaching testing phases and the client had a need for many manual testers.

Aseuro team in the past have demonstrated the ability to do quick ramp up of resources we were rereferred to this banking software client. The challenge was to be able to replicate our success models at other clients.

Aseuro team was able to ramp up the team within 3 weeks and deliver fast, with high quality and competitive rates. We worked with our client to give them a mix of Experienced and fresh college gratduets and a working model that will fit within their budgets.

Taxi booking & management

Our client, one of the leading Tour operators in South India with over 400 vehicles that were used tourist taxies. The utilization of these taxis were limited to the inbuound tourist season during Nov to March, the client was looking at maximizing the use of his vehicles. The customer had also tied up with the leading Travel portal for providing airport transfer for customers. This posted a unique challenge of being able to use the current vehicles as well as ability to use new vehicles in the fleet as required during peak hours.

Aseuro team has developed a full solution for the booking managmenet. A booking is sent straight to the taxi driver and the entire experience is similar to that being used by leading mobile app taxi aggregators. The solution allows flexibility for tour operator to block a particular car based on their calendar need inbound tourists. The solution has helped our clients to manage existing fleet and floating fleet more efficiently.

Networking Event Management‚Äč

Our client was in the business of providing people networking solutions at business events. A very unique way of giving the participants and delegates an opportunity to interact with like minded people looking for business connections.
The busines was expanding and their native solution was not helping them to scale up. With the great number of events per industry sector, how can you create a formal yet informal networking environment?

Aseuro team developed a solution using the latest cloud technologies bring bring about the solution to help engage thousands of participants across serveral eventsa the same time. Regardless if you are a delegate, exhibitor, speaker, sponsor, pre-registered or onsite visitor assistance through the business matchmaking process results in actual business interactions with target markets!

Combining online technology together with the core team, the solution then profiles the event participants, provides access to an online pre matched calendar with the ability to view and select exactly who they want to meet.

Our solution helps them to handle higher volumes, grater efficiency and lower cost.

service engineer ramp up pan india

Ramp up case stories and case studies are many. What we accomplished here was very unique to us as a team and for our company.

Our client wanted server field engineers, and desktop staff at various locations in the nation. If this was a city, then its ok, however these were at various highways and at the toll plazas.
The challenge was to get the right skill, big numbers where we needed to ramp up to 30 member team to be spread across the nation.

Aseuro ramped up on time, delivered the project over 3 years and managed with low attrition ! This project demonstrates the strength of our HR practices